Bridal Gown Trends 2012

This year has brought us some great trends inspired by classics and perfected under the modern guidance. Liz Fields offers a variety of styles including one-shoulder bridal gowns, wedding dresses mermaid style, plus size bridal gowns, and many more wedding dresses. With such a vast selection, we have narrowed down the collection by the latest trends to make the bride’s choice a little easier.

1. Lace – Lace is a traditionally delicate material used to add a sense of daintiness, youth, and femininity to the bridal dress. This year, it has reestablished its place among the modern wedding gowns by Kate Middleton’s look at the Royal Wedding. The latest styles are inspired by the lace sleeves and the simple silhouette of Kate’s dress.

Check out Liz Fields’s flirty wedding dress and a gown inspired by Kate for a modern take on this classic.

2. Illusion Neckline – Kate Middleton’s lace revival has created another trend – that of a sheer or laced fabric placed over the usually exposed skin. Such a neckline creates sleek, contemporary alternative to the puffy sleeves of Princess Diana’s wedding dress. It is also more conservative and can hide an ample cleavage to add elegance to a well-endowed bride. In addition, it conjures an image of class and sophistication.

Pair the illusion neckline with a sweetheart cut for a chic look such as this style.

3. Color – This year brides dare to be different! Instead of opting for a classic ivory white, many are going for pastels. Introducing color to the dress palette is a good choice for bold women who would like to add an element of surprise to their ceremony.

Liz Fields offers many dresses in blush color, such as this princess gown and this timeless wedding dress.

4. Beaded Bodice – Just like lace, an embellished bodice adds charm and femininity to the bride. Beads are fun and flirty yet also delicate and alluring. An elaborate bodice beautifully plays with the reflected light and puts the bride right into the spotlight.

Refer to this lovely bridal gown and this glamorous wedding dress for a beaded bodice inspiration.

5. Ruffles – For any bride that wants to make a dramatic entrance, ruffles are a good choice. A mermaid-style gown with ruffles is perfect for any brides afflicted with the Cinderella syndrome (of loving the big puffy skirts). A girl looking for a simple gown, however, can also rely on the ruffle for a vocal point and a gentle touch.

To see a ruffled tulle in action, check out this gown, while if you’re more interested in a subtler ruffle, try this destination bridal dress.

6. Raw Edges – Girls with the perfect hourglass figures may want to show themselves off in a form-fitting dress. The trend of raw edges allows the bride to showcase her beautiful silhouette. It can be complemented with a dazzling puffy skirt or with a more free-flowing one.

For inspiration, refer to this gorgeous gown.

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