Bridal Gowns

...she gracefully sauntered up the petal-laden isle; her animated eyes mimicking the stunning glistening of her silky bridal gown melts her lover's heart.

Such is the story of my wedding.

It was beautiful, and so was my gown. I searched EVERYWHERE for the perfect one, and I believe I came to the right decision. There were lots of things to consider when purchasing such as cost, style, fit, etc. The one thought continually resonating in my head was "this is my day." This sentiment guided my decision at every step, but it wasn't without a few bumps along the way.

I went online to find shops in my area and there were a few spread out. The prices were dramatically different at each shop. The dress I first fell in love with was almost 30% less at one store! But I quickly adopted a new favorite (oh the indecision!) It is hard to choose with so many things weighing on your mind. It makes it a billion times easier to have second opinion...and a third....and fourth. So naturally I went shop-hopping, trying on every bridal gown probably known to man. I have wider hips so finding one that fit added to the difficulty (the things we go through to look good for our men!) I believe this one designer wanted me to leave, because after the 6th gown she started saying they all looked good. I can't help that I'm picky. Is MY day, I should get to find the perfect one! No settling for me!

Well after about two days of this madness, I went online again to try to get some pictures of a dress I might like. I came across this most amazingly beautiful design and fell in love with it. I went to one of the local shops and asked if they could design it for me...they said yes, but with a price. The gown ended up being way over what I had budgeted, but hey like I said it was my day to shine! I was sized and fitted and they somehow found a way to clothe my over-sized hips. When I looked in the mirror and saw that beautiful, flowing wedding gown - it was pure joy. Now the only problem was paying for this work of art.

Well I made it really simple - I charged it to my soon-to-be hubby's credit card. I told them how I had been searching EVERYWHERE for the perfect dress and they ended up giving me a discount! I agreed to tell everyone about them in return. And then you have the happy ending. Everyone loved my gown, I looked beautiful in it and I have been happily married for two and a half years now. I still take it out every now and then, to gaze at its unique, and personalized splendor, which holds such dear memories.

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