Bridesmaid Dress trends 2012

Now that the bride has finally chosen her own beautiful wedding gown, the time comes to select the perfect, affordable bridesmaid dresses. Oftentimes, the bridesmaids tend to be a diverse crowd, as girls of different figures, heights, hair, and skin color all unite for the wedding ceremony. It is therefore a good idea to choose a different, individualized dress for each girl. If the budget or the uniform style of the wedding does not permit this, however, it’s best to go for a dress that would fit a variety of figures and accessorize accordingly. Presented below are bridesmaid dresses that will accommodate and flatter girls of numerous tastes and sizes as well as keep up with the latest trends and styles in the bridal fashion world. Knowing that a bride has her hands full, this article attempts to ease her troubles and narrow down the selection with several popular trends that have recently touched the bridesmaid dresses.

The one shoulder bridesmaid dress is a handy compromise for girls with any type of figure. Curvy girls would still be able to show off their lovely silhouettes while the slender girls won’t have to worry about the dress falling down. The latest trend this year is to use flower-inspired elements to create a stunning strap.

Check out Liz Fields’ one shoulder form-fitting bridesmaid dress and this lighter, flowing look.

The lace has not only made a statement on the wedding gowns but spread to the bridesmaid dresses as well. Inspired by the Royal Wedding’s Kate Middleton, lace has made a comeback in a variety of dresses. This year, the short Retro-inspired bridesmaid dresses are especially popular. Complemented by lacey patterns, these dresses are perfect for an edgy, contemporary bride and a modern ceremony. Lace can make a dress more delicate and feminine or it can add a spark and a rebellious note to the ceremony.

Browse a variety of bridesmaid dresses with lace: the strapless look, the more traditional dress, and the cute A line skirt sweetheart dress.

The print, though not a customary guest at a wedding, is a great choice for a summer ceremony. Prints are spunky, fun, and easy. A print can add energy and spirit to a wedding in the middle of July or calmness and serenity to a December ceremony. Bridesmaid dresses adorned with prints usually pair well with lightweight fabrics.

For a classy take on print, check out this polka dot gown. If you’re looking for a long, more conservative dress you may be interested in a washed out, watercolor print. And for a fun and flirty bridesmaid dress, see a flower summery dress.

Remember that Liz Fields has over 900 color combinations and a variety of print designs at your fingertips. We would be happy to accommodate any color, print, idea, style, and budget to help transform your dream wedding into reality.

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