Destination Wedding Dresses

Couples planning a destination wedding have a myriad of details requiring their attention. Paramount among these decisions is the apparel of the bride, groom and bridal party. The destination, time of year and formality of the wedding should all be considered when shopping for wedding-related attire. With travel being a critical aspect of the destination wedding, a bride should take into account travel details for both herself and her dress.

Destination wedding dresses, as with all special occasion dresses, come in a wide range of styles, colors, weights and lengths. For brides searching out their dream attire, the good news is there is no one feature that would distinguish a gown as specifically a destination wedding dress. As many brides are trending towards multiple gowns for their wedding and reception, brides should also not feel limited in their selection.

For the couple hosting a beach wedding, a lighter and somewhat longer dress may be in order. Taking the elements into account would be wise when shopping for this dress. With the potential for wind, the likely presence of sand and exposure to the elements, brides would be wise to avoid a large, heavy gown.

Couples having a destination wedding in a more traditional setting would find few if any restrictions on their destination wedding dress. Travel for the couple, if applicable, would be the only consideration to address when dress shopping.

With a style in mind, brides can either search online or in area stores and boutiques for their dream dress. Trying on a variety of styles usually proves beneficial in the search for the perfect destination wedding dress. Upon locating the perfect dress, brides will either be able to purchase it on the spot or will need to have the dress ordered. When ordering a dress, brides should be aware that delivery can take anywhere from four to six months. After delivery, dresses still typically require alterations.

With the dream destination wedding dress purchased, the next step in planning is addressing how the dress will arrive at the wedding. Depending on the destination, options for the dress may include shipping, transporting as carry-on luggage or as simple as putting it into a car. When shipping a dress, insurance should be purchased to protect the dress in transit. Ample time should be allowed for delivery and taken into account when planning for alterations. Brides flying to their destination wedding should consult with their airline for rules regarding larger packages and carry-on options. When flying to a destination wedding, brides would be wise to take their dress on as carry-on luggage or gate-check.

A destination wedding is no reason for a bride to set aside her childhood vision of the perfect dress. Instead, with ample planning and consideration given to the type of wedding, a bride should find nothing different in her dress purchase.

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