How To Incorporate Print Into Your Bridal Party

Adding a print to your ceremony is like adding fun and playfulness to a wedding. Prints are flirtatious, exciting, and energetic. Any girl getting married during the spring and summer months will want to consider incorporating print into the ceremony as it is just as light and playful as the seasons. Even during the wintertime, a well-chosen print can reflect the magic and wonder of a winter wedding. Yet many brides struggle in their effort to introduce print into their bridal parties. Have no fear! Listed below are some tips to help you add print to the wedding tastefully and glamorously.

• As tempting as it may be, do not select print as the highlight color scheme of the wedding. Rather, aim to subtly introduce it to various aspects of the ceremony and let the solid shade dominate. In addition, do not mix and match prints as they can get too busy and take over the wedding entirely. Choose one print and stick with it.

• Prints look best when used as accents. Make sure then that your selected pattern is on the opposite hue or even the end of the color wheel from the dominant chromatic theme of your wedding. For instance, if your wedding is set to be in pale blue, consider accenting with a navy or magenta print. When using a color-intensive print, make sure that the different parts of it all stay within the same color palette or else the print may be overwhelming. A print is, therefore, also a great way of introducing a bold splash of color into the ceremony.

• Try assigning the bridesmaids to a solid dress while letting the maid of honor shine in a print. For example, you can use the bridesmaid style 352 in solid magenta for all the bridesmaids while leaving the purple infusion print with the magenta sash for the maid of honor.

• Those brides interested in following the polka dot trend can have the bridesmaids wear the style 445. If you want to participate in the fun, you can take the polka dots a step further and wear a bridal gown style 9115 which features a dotted point D’esprit tulle and a sash to match the girls’ dresses. Or, consider style 9103 for another polka dot embellishment on the skirt with a customizable flower and sash.

• Since the bridal party usually has a wide range of figures, it may be a good idea to decide on one unifying print and have the bridesmaids choose their own dresses. This method helps to keep everyone happy and well-dressed. For example, you may opt for a blue print and allow the girls to choose the most flattering bridesmaid dresses among styles 252, 253, and 255.

• You can also choose a bridal gowns with a beading of a different color to create a quasi-print on your bodice, as for example, in style 9157.

• If you are still having trouble coordinating the print with the rest of your wedding, consider adding very small touches of it here and there. Accessorizing is a good option. You may use printed clutches, hair ornaments, flowers on the dresses, etc. These days there are many different accessories, both for the guests and the venue, that can subtly introduce print into your wedding with class and dignity.

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