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What's New At Liz Fields?
Our Journey Begins!

2009, 30 October

At Liz Fields we are focused on bringing style, luxury and reliability into all of our projects.

After 20 years of experience in the industry we compiled all that we have learned, and started on a new chapter in the Bridesmaid, Bridal and Special Occasion niche.

At Liz Fields, everybody is family and everybody's voice counts. We really strive to create an atmosphere where everybody is involved in the evolution of our company. As you are now a part of the Liz Fields family, I am here to take you on our little journey.

Liz Fields' collections will debut in boutiques with the Spring 2010 collection. Also, included in the launch, is the Lo-Ve-La by Liz Fields Bridal Gowns and Destination Wedding Collection. In preparing for our debut we focused on our Creative Ad Campaign; Our first step was to produce a series of behind the scenes and interview videos where you will be able to view our Bridesmaid, Bridal and Special Occasion collections, get a sense of what Liz Fields has to offer as well as meet the designer. Yes, meet Liz Fields!

As you can see this is just the trailer, be sure to be on the lookout for more behind the scene moments, interviews and information about our collection.

Don't forget to pick up the Winter 2009/2010 issues of all your favorite bridal magazines. At Liz Fields we set ourselves apart by introducing various two-toned combinations and choice of length on most of our bridesmaid dresses as well as a new signature print.

What's next you might ask? Trunk shows! If you're interested in a sneak peek or trying on your favorite bridesmaid dresses and bridal gowns, we will be holding various trunk shows around the U.S... Don't worry dates and locations will be posted soon, SEE YOU THERE!

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