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What's New At Liz Fields?
Fall 2013 Bridesmaids Collection Preview!

2013, 28 March

Now you can preview our Fall 2013 bridesmaids collection before it hits stores later this Spring. We are so excited about this new "Mix & Match" bridesmaids collection and our retailers are too.

These dresses are so versatile and easy to wear again and again.

The recent trend in bridal parties is to have your bridesmaids wearing different style dresses and/or different color bridesmaid dresses that all work together in a cohesive, modern-style group.

With the new Liz Fields Fall 2013 bridesmaids collection, pulling off this new trend is easier than ever. Have your bridal party choose from 3 different necklines and pair these short, figure-flattering bridesmaids dresses with a separate long skirt of their choice; Do they prefer a tied sash with a brooch or a pleated waistband with beaded appliqué? Not only does this allow for your bridesmaids to be free to customize their dress to be perfect for their body-type and taste, but it ensures that all of them will be a perfectly blended bridal party without any additional effort on your part.

Now, comes the fun part...COLOR! Your options are endless. Have your bridesmaids choose from solid options, purchasing both their bridesmaids dress and over-skirt in the same color, or let them do a two-tone color mix where their over-skirt will be a different, complementing color to their short dress style. Soon, you will be able to play around with these color options yourselves using our fully interactive color-changing tool.

The best part of this Liz Fields "Mix & Match" bridesmaids group is that you can have the bridal party wear the long dress version for the ceremony, party in the short dress, and then they can wear both options again and again. The designer tip is to pair the long skirt with a tank top or blouse after the wedding for a totally trendy night-on-the-town look; Or, dress up the short style with a colorful brooch or belt, pair with some cool accessories, and you have a totally wearable cocktail dress for your next event. The possibilities are endless so you are getting way more than a bridesmaids dress for your money.

Enjoy the preview and the endless possibilities! Get creative ladies and let us know what you think by visiting our Facebook Fan Page at Facebook.com/LizFieldsDesigns or tweet us @byLizFields!

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