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Thank You From Liz Fields

2014, 5 March
The Designers and staff at Liz Fields would like to thank everyone for their warm reception of our new Spring 2014 bridesmaids collection, we are greatly humbled and honored by all the compliments, letters, emails and pictures of beautiful bridesmaids we’ve been receiving thus far.

We worked very hard to present you the very best fabrics, fit, colors, lace overlays, and handmade embellishments and appliqués; Click on the Bridesmaids collection tab to see our over 100 styles, over 1000 color combinations, and other customization options.

Find an authorized retailer near you using our store locator and be sure to visit our Buyer Beware section to learn how to protect yourself from counterfeit sites and dresses.

Once again, we thank you all for the continued support throughout the seasons.

We are looking forward to presenting you our new bridesmaids dresses for the upcoming Fall 2014 season.

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