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What's New At Liz Fields?
Liz Fields Presents Fall 2010 Collection In Stores This June

2010, 28 April

Last season Liz Fields' new label wowed the industry with their Bridesmaid Dress, Bridal Gown, and Special Occasion Spring 2010 lines. Now, this coming June, Liz Fields is pleased to present their new and exciting Fall 2010 line to retailers across the country and internationally. This line features new bridal and bridesmaid styles and will include silky taffeta bridesmaids' dresses, an option previously only available for wedding dresses. The Liz Fields Spring line already included gowns in chiffon, satin, and charmeuse. Retailers are already raving about the bold colors, elegant draping and meticulous detail that Liz Fields has become known for.

The Liz Fields Spring 2010 line did, last year, exactly what it had set out to do: they created a special niche for themselves in the industry. Liz Fields wedding dresses and bridesmaids dresses are now carried in 50 states in the U.S. and internationally in Puerto Rico and Canada. A preview of Liz Fields new Fall 2010 line was shown at the Chicago Bridal Market, and people are already buzzing about it. Fashion blogger, Laura, from Chicago, wrote, "I simply loved everything by Liz Fields. Her style is very fun yet sophisticated and she's really thinking about functionality as well." Laura also commented on one of Liz Fields Fall bridal styles, a strapless tulle ball gown with satin flower embellishments, saying it was "100% the dress that I would buy if I was shopping again."

Liz Fields is known for their intricate embellishments and their dreamy, romantic design elements. "The first collections are an introduction to my aesthetic," says Head Designer Liz Fields, "while the next collections really focus in and each style tells a different story." This season, in addition to the introduction of silky taffeta, the collection will feature trends, such as black and white wedding dresses, vintage lace, beaded appliques, satin covered jewels, and flower embellishments. Liz Fields is also pleased to announce that this season will feature two dress styles with detachable skirts, one for Bridal and one for Bridesmaid. This style is trendy and perfect for a wedding dress change between ceremony and reception. Wedding blogger, Anne from Chicago exclaims these styles are "Business on top. Party underneath."

Stay tuned to the Liz Fields website for the Fall 2010 collection...coming to stores this June!

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