Special Occasion Dresses

There are numerous occasions that women need to look her absolute best. Some special occasions include weddings, graduation ceremonies, award dinners and other ceremonies or occasions. Not only does she need the right dress, she also needs the perfect makeup and accessories like jewelry.

A young teenager's first major special occasion would be graduating from junior high school. Most of these schools require that they still obey the schools dress code. The dress code for the majority of schools located in the United States requires simple attire; for instance what many people call "Sunday Best." Makeup should not be worn to the extreme. This is usually the first time many girls are allowed to wear makeup. The jewelry also should not be worn to the extreme. For many of these formal dresses all the girls need are stud earrings and possibly a necklace. The dress shoes should not have a heel higher than two inches.

The biggest special occasion of any woman's life is her wedding day. For a wedding most brides wear an elaborate white gown with an optional head covering, most commonly called a veil. But this depends on the culture. Nowadays, not all weddings are this formal. Most brides usually wear casual dresses that are simple in print or color. The white wedding gown is usually not present. The simpler the wedding is the better wedding nowadays. Dress shoes or pumps are still worn today. Pumps will never go out of style. Again, the bride might wear some simple jewelry of her own, except for, of course, the wedding ring, which is presented to her during the ceremony.

The biggest night of any celebrity's life is awards night. Some of these fashionable dresses are too elaborate in some cases. Every female celebrity always attempts to upstage their rivals. It is not only the dress that counts for the awards, but the expensive, usually worth more than the average house, jewelry. Who could afford all these accessories but the rich and famous? For award ceremonies women must look their absolute best.

There are many different types of special occasions. Whether it be a graduation, wedding, or award ceremony, women, no matter their age, must look their absolute best.

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